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Protect your assets with valuable insurance policies.

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Insurance is designed to protect our assets while safeguarding our wallet, too. Not only does this provide valuable protection to the things we care about the most, but it gives us the peace of mind that we have the financial support behind us should an incident occur. Simply put, insurance is protection for when we need it the most. 

Personal insurance policies include:

Businesses are also vulnerable to risk and ruin if left uninsured.

From liability to perils to vehicle coverage to malpractice, businesses should take a look at their risks so that the right coverage and limits can be acquired. It is not just those in offices that need coverage, either. Industries including construction, real estate, and transportation should ensure that they are well protected in the form of insurance policies.

  • Auto

  • Home 

  • Renters

  • Boats


Auto insurance is there to help you overcome incidents that occur on the road or damages to your car from weather-related events, such as hail. Instead of opting for the bare minimum, talk to your insurance agent to determine what plan best suits your needs, finances, and vehicle. Home and renters insurance protects your personal belongings, home structure, and wallet from suffering after an event. 

At Jennings Group, we are dedicated to ensuring that you have the right policies to meet your personal needs so that you remain covered without breaking the bank.


While you may have your car and home covered, make sure that you do not leave your family or health exposed. Insurance policies can help you to receive affordable health care, plan for your family’s financial future, and provide a safety net down the road if your ability to work changes.


  • Workers’ Compensation

  • Bonds

  • Commercial Auto Insurance (Specialize in Transportation) 

  • Visit us today to get started on your specialized insurance policies!


In addition to tailored policies, our insurance coverages include:

  • Life & Health

  • Disability



We also offer the following insurance policies:

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